Like I told you in my previous post, which was all about my first impressions of Colombia, I had high expectations from Cuba. To me, this was a dream destination I had fantasized about a lot. Did it meet my expectations? Let me tell you all about it…










While in Cuba, I already started writing a blog post with the title “Things you should know before going to Cuba”, which I will be publishing anytime soon. I made this post so I can warn you for the things I didn’t know before going to Cuba. Hmm, that sounds tragic… It’s not that bad, but there are just some things that are very important… like money for example. Me and my friend didn’t have any! WHAT? Uhu… In Cuba you can only take money out of the ATM with a credit card, which we anticipated on by taking Colombian pesos in cash with us. But then, it seemed that they don’t change for Colombian pesos, so we were screwed!

I will tell you more about this adventure and how we eventually had to deal with the situation in my vlogs. What I want you to know right now is: Cuba is a wonderful place. Ofcourse you can tell that from these pictures. Havana has impressive beautiful buildings that serve as amazing backdrops for my photos. Cuba also had a beautiful beach and Trinidad and Cienfuegos, the other places I visited had their picturesque spots and lovely activities as well. But… The communism of Cuba still rests on the soul of the country, which meant that some things just weren’t arranged properly. For example timetables of the bus, price lists in restaurant, stock in supermarkets etc.

And although Cuban people were very nice, I must admit that some of them tried to flash us when it comes to money. Ofcourse, this is a common thing of all poor countries, but the way it was done was just pathetic some times. Don’t be alarmed if you pay 5 dollar one day and 7 dollar the other day. But I will give you more tips on this in a later stage.

For now, I’ll close this section by saying that Cuba is an amazing country. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are looking for an impressive environment and a culture clash, beautiful beaches and some time off of internet. You will find more photos on instagram: @larissabruin. A full post about where to go in Cuba and things you should know before going there, is on it’s way.

Let me know what you think of these photos and of course, the outfit I am wearing!



Wearing: V Label palazzo pants / Zara top / Pieces sandals / Bracelet souvenir from Colombia

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