In her closet

This month we are taking a look into Denise’s closet. Denise is one of my close friends, who
is addicted to shopping (almost worse than I am). Read more abour her here.

About her
Denise, 19, student Fashion Styling
What does fashion mean to you?
It may sound strange, but whenever I come home I directly change clothes and hang my precious garments neatly in my
closet. Just imagine what could happen to it! As we speak, I am sitting in my pyjamas behind my desk, while
my clothes are safely in my closet. This says enough, I think.
How would you describe your own style?
My taste is quite variable. And I often happen to return things I’ve bought. However, I try to stay true to what I
love. I have an expensive taste, and that’s why I do not have a lot of stuff. Nobody believes this is all there is
(even Larissa asked me “Where are the rest of your clothes?”) but this is it. I simply value the things I
own. I know these are timeless and lasting. Nowadays I would describe my style as classy and sexy.
What is your favourite piece in your closet?
Last week I was in Milan with a good friend and our mothers. After having been in the Elisabetta Franchi store day in
day out, and after fitting over and over again, I chose to buy a beautiful mint blue maxi dress with golden details.
Although my mom kept saying that it looked like a night gown, this dress is definitely my favourite piece! It’s
not practical at all, but I would have regret it if I had not bought it.

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