HAPPY B-DAY TO ME – personal life lessons

I want that cake cake cake, cause it’s my b-day! Another year has gone by so here’s another blogpost in which I will write down the pros and cons of turning yet another year older. This one is gonna get personal, and I have no idea what I will write down, but I will just let my heart speak. Let’s go…



Everytime I approach the day of my birthday I will get overwhelmed by all kinds of feelings. The first one is always the same: Anxiety combined to excitement on how to celebrate… The issue is always the same: where, how and am I even gonna celebrate my birthday? The second feeling is different every year and truly depends on how I feel about turning older.

Up until my 25th I felt bad about getting older. 25 in particular felt like so many responsibilities were upon me. And above everything, I got closer to 30 than I was to 20. AHHH. Reasons to freak out!

But last year I was totally fine with turning 26 since I came to the conclusion that I pretty much had everything together. I was satisfied. And I think that today is no different. I’m totally fine with turning 27. Better yet, I have already been telling everyone that I was 27 since a few weeks.

Although I am aware that I am approaching the big 3 0 I don’t feel like I need to hurry, cause I have found some kind of inner piece that tells me that it’s ok. Today I woke up to 65,5K instagram followers. My bf had left a beautiful present for me on the kitchen table. I took a bath while my dearest friends sent me the sweetest messages. By the time I took my hydrating mask off (cause yes, I really felt like pampering this old lady), a friend had send me screenshots of me on the biggest news website of The Netherlands ( which I think is so so cool. It’s already a wonderful day!

At the moment I am very busy with a lot of projects. One even more fun than the other. Some totally stable and defined, others in a beginning phase which makes it all the more exciting. I feel like I am good where I am today and I am sure that there’s a lot more coming for me. And it’s just a great feeling I wanted to share with you guys today. Cause after all, it’s my birthday and birthday girls should treat! So I would like to treat you guys with the knowledge I’ve got at this time in my life: All of you whom are afraid to turn older every birthday year. Please count your blessings. Even if you are not at the point where you want to be; acknowledge that the journey may be more wonderful than the destination!

Now, let’s celebrate life…



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