“Could you live without internet?” “Could you live without friends?” Questions asked by BNN during the biggest survey ever taken in Europe. I filled in the survey and took part in a discussion about all subjects together with a group of bloggers. Curious? Check out the video!


Being young, being generation X, Y, What-ever we want to call it, we are the future! I think it’s very important that we think of what’s happening in the world nowadays and not forget that we have a voice.

So I was pretty excited when BNN asked me to fill in the survey and take part in a discussion together with other bloggers such as Lizzy van der Ligt, Christian, Murielle and more.

It was an interesting survey and an even more interesting discussion. Concluded, we found that none of us could be without internet for too long, non of us could go without sex for too long. Most of us felt alright being European but didn’t really think of the world being divided like that; more over it’s just a continent. However, we all feel good that Europe exists for The Netherlands on their own would be too little to face problems.

If you are Dutch, make sure to check out the video and of course fill in the survey as well! Besides making your opinion count, you will also have a chance at winning tickets for Solar Festival. How? Simply let me know that you’ve completed the survey (it’s anonymous by the way!) and leave a comment saying “done” here, under my video or under my instagram picture.


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