This month’s love goes out to…

The see through bag!
It often comes in soft or hard plastic, which may sound simple but
the result is more complex: a bag that reveals everything that is inside, and
thus differs from day to day.
It’s not a huge trend, but I must admit that I, for one, have become
kind of a fan of the see through bag. I think it’s practical since you don’t
even need to open it to check whether or not you have put your phone in it. However,
we should ask ourselves if we should actually show others (in particular men) what’s
inside a lady’s bag… So, if I happen to buy such bag myself I may still
want to cover things up in bag-in-bags which ofcourse have to be showy and gorgeous as well.
Below I’ve selected some plastic bags you may wanna check out.

Valentino, Fanny Lyckman for Nelly and Clear handbags

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