When you think of Antwerp, you probably think of a beautiful bubbly city in Belgium. The largest city in Belgium may also have you thinking about their port, which is one of the largest ones in the world. This metropolitan is furthermore known as the hub for diamond industry and trade. And if you’d ask me, I would say that Dutch people know Antwerp for the lovely shopping streets. Only 2 hours away by car, it is one of the easiest and most fun road trips that someone from Amsterdam can make. But when I went looking for a place to stay during this city trip, I found an accommodation that showed me a side of the Antwerp region that was even better. And today I am sharing this major tip with you guys as I think it may add a lot of value to your journey.

Whether you’re from a big city or a small town, I think we can all appreciate the peace and quiet of the countryside right? That’s why I was so thrilled when I came across Logies Logees, a bed & breakfast in Tielrode, only 20 minutes away from Antwerp. But I must admit: I had not seen coming the amazing time we would have as everything was even better than expected. Let me take you through the facilities…



Location: 9
Although this bed & breakfast is not situated in the centre of Antwerp (assuming that’s what you are looking for), I think Logies Logees should always be considered if you’re visiting Belgiums metropolitan. To me, this place in the countryside was the perfect surprise. Tielrode is a small town with cute houses and small streets that are quite picturesque. For nature lovers (aren’t we all?) the environment is perfectly serene. You could walk/bike alongside the Schelde or Durme, take the waterbus to the city or drive an e-scooter or vespa to explore the neighborhood. For those who are not bound to the city of Antwerp, there’s enough to see in this region. Think of architecture and Steendorp. The mystical fort and former clay pits may impress you even more than the shopping streets do.

Room: 8
With only 3 rooms, this bed & breakfast has a very personal touch. We stayed in the room ‘Doorzicht’ which I think was very lovely decorated. It’s stylish, has a bath (love!) and is very spacious. I also loved the balcony from which one can oversee the garden and the beautiful surroundings. The bed was very comfortable and we really had everything we needed.

Ambiance: 8,5
It’s when you step into the accommodation that you find yourself in a really good place. The public areas will make you feel at home straight away. Decorated with a lot of plants and an eclectic style here and there, it makes for a hip and relaxed ambiance.

Food & drinks: 9
To be honest, I am still drooling over the breakfast we had. In hindsight, we had ordered way to much from the menu. But that did not keep us from eating it. Everything was so well made and looked so good! You can tell that a lot love & care goes into this job and I can really appreciate that everything was made so personally. Doesn’t this look like something from a magazine? It was almost too good to eat! Haha!

Service: 9
The service was perfect. I think bed & breakfast have a very special touch to it when you can actually meet the owners. They told us a little bit more about the place and how this was their passion. Well, everything shows that they are doing their best to make this into a nice stay for everyone.

Facillities: 8,5
So much enthusiasm already and I have not even started about the hot tub yet! I must say that 50% of my experience was colored by the hot tub. Wow, what a perfect addition to this beautiful place! In the middle of nature, hearing the birds in the trees, this hot tub gave me all the feels and turned this trip into the perfect getaway. There’s a lot that I can say about it, but I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. For other facilities (bike or e-scooter rentals etc) you can ask the owners for tips.

Recommendation rate: 9,5
I would definitely go back to Logies Logees. It’s the hot tub and the personal service for me! I was surprised by the beautiful vibe that this place holds. With this experience I have learned that it’s always a good idea to look for a place a little bit more secluded, further away from the city centre that will give you the best of both worlds. If you’re visiting Antwerp, and don’t know where to go? Don’t hesitate any longer… Logies Logees is really the place to be.



Logies Logees
Kaaistraat 23
9140 Tielrode
Visit the website of LogiesLogees.be here

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