From despair to hope

Wearing: Summum maxi skirt, Inlovewithfashiondress as top, H&M shoes, La Moda UK bag (find here)

You wouldn’t guess what effort went into this outfit. Basically, it’s
a mixture of creativity and despair put together in one ensemble.
I desperately wanted to wear this skirt with the bag, but I just couldn’t
find the right white top to match it with.
Eventually I took my Inlovewithfashion dress en wore this as a top.
This may all sound kinda strange, but I’ve done this with several dresses
before and it’s actually a very fun manner of
matching items in a different way.
I would definitely recommend wearing a striking belt if you ever
want to try this out. The belt covers up as much as needed and furthermore
may bridge the gap between top(dress) and skirt.
I wasn’t so happy with my bright orange strap on the heels in
this case, for I thought it wouldn’t look good with my blue bag, but
after all, I think it’s not that bad.
Let me know what you think!

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