Dark grey & denim. I’d say it’s a timeless classic. It never gets old. It never gets odd. For me this combo came together on a warm sunny day on which I had nothing else to do but shoot outfits and so I did…







I am wearing a Culture dress, which immediately had me thinking of styling it with a jacket around my waist. It’s funny how something like a jacket around the waist used tob be something functional, a warmer item to wear when it cools off, whilst now I am wearing it purely to finish my outfit and spice up the ensemble. I added black laser cut boots and fringed backpack from New Yorker and suddenly I’m a cool chick. Where are my heels, where is my clutch? Well, I like to play with different styles and this is one of them, usually coming out during festivals and outdoor activities for which I want to look cool, but stylish.

“We don’t need to be saved,

we just need to be brave…”

Oh last but not least, the jacket which is now dope-ish tied around my waist is from Pepe Jeans. They had me picking one of my favourite items after which I was offered to customize it in their Custom Studio I made this logo of From Hats To Heels and had it placed on the back with a laser printer. I think it turned out very cool and can definitely recommend this to anyone. This can be done in almost every Pepe Jeans store and is done within twenty minutes (a very cool process to watch I must say).

Let me know what you think of this look!


Wearing: Culture dress via Moderood, Pepe Jeans denim jacket, New Yorker boots, New Yorker bag


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