We can all agree that fashion is ever changing, but I am happy to see that some styles are coming back in different ways every now and then. Think of the bomber jacket, off shoulder tops and flare pants. In this look I am wearing it all together and that makes for a spicy combo. At least, that’s what I think…

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I have really been struggling with these pants when I just had them. Like, what the heck should I wear with flare pants? I couldn’t really think of something suiting. But then I forced myself to try out some different things and came up with a lookbook on how to wear flare pants.

After I made that lookbook things became easy. In fact, these pants have been my favorite ever since. I especially love to wear it with off shoulder tops because they add a certain elegance. In this look I went for monochrome and that’s all the more sophisticated. However… Black and white is cool, but add some sea green to it and there you have something wonderful.

And I think that’s the thing with all of these amazing retro styles that come back: the bombers, the flare pants and the off shoulder tops: you can really make it your own simply by experimenting with colors, silhouettes and accessories. One of them in this case being the retro earrings that I described in my previous post.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this look!




Wearing: Loavies top / Loavies bomber / Happiness Boutique earrings / Missguided pants / Moschino bag / Sacha shoes
Photos by Meau (Stylemeautivation.com)

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