Boyfriend Material | Passionate prints

Ok. I remember starting this rubric with my explanation about my love
for solid colors in menswear: black, grey, white. Simply cool.
But now, I want to take you to quite another extreme of the spectrum: prints.
Do you remember the Hawai blouses anno 2007? The ones with the palm
trees and bright flowers? Yeah, I understand that you may still cherish some hate
for these flower power tops. BUT… Bear with me: the
floral print is totally back in this spring summer lookbook, and not
only for women. Now, of course you are not required to follow
the rules and trends of fashion, but I for one, do like the comeback
of the floral print in menswear. And let’s be honest, it looks kinda modern & young
these days. So, why not take this as a chance: you can stand out
from the crowd and have your bright, bubbly personality speaking for itself
simply by wearing a top! If this is still too much for you, you can
go with a floral printed pocket or just a floral printed accessory.

DO: mix the floral print with other prints, like stripes or polka dots
DON’T: get caught up thinking that with floral prints, I mean weeds. That, truly, is a
trend as well. But not quite the romantic one I am talking about here.

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