What would Coco do?

Wearing: Inlovewithfashion sweater (find here), Mostwanted skirt (alternative here), Modemusthaves bag, Dolce Vita boots

Yeah, you can either follow the leader, or follow your heart.
But who would be the leader? Well, mine would have to be Coco Chanel.
And following my heart or following Coco Chanel is kind of the
same thing in my case: I cannot die before I’ve had a Chanel bag – & cannot die
after I have one either, cause I really wanna enjoy it.
Anyway, the “Coco made me do it” sweater says it all!
I guess it’s not just an excuse for buying new stuff all the time,
it’s also a rule by which I would proudly live. It may even
be a solution to my indecisiveness. Everytime I am in
doubt, I will simply ask myself: “What would Coco do?”
And I might just have answers to everything.
Now, let me know what you think of this outfit.

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