Blurred vision

Wearing: Soinfashion jeans (find here), Primark top, Rosegal cardigan (find here), DUO overtheknee boots (find here)

Ok. First things first.
I am so sorry for the fuzzy, blurry, zero-pixels photos.
It’s so frustrating that my camera doesn’t always work the way
I want it to. But let’s not have a practical, technical talk here.
It’s about the outfit after all, and I hope you still got to see
the details. If not, here’s a sad little explanation. I am wearing a
thin knitted x chiffon cardigan, a wrought top with fringes, acid washed
high waisted jeans and over the knee suede boots.
I chose this combination with a blurry, fuzzy mind on one of
my too-tired-to-go-anywhere days. But I still
have the hope that this is somehow inspiring.
(Maybe you should know that I am writing this in the
middle of the night before I will publish it, with that same
blurred & fuzzy vision.) Let’s just get it over
with. Tell me what you guys think!


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