Christmas wishlist

1. River Island pink check coat (find here)
2. Dior Addict lipstick (find here)
3. Layla via Nelly hologram/oil look headphone (find here)
4. River Blue statement necklace (find here)
5. Modemusthaves sweater (find here)
6. GoJane plaid scarf (find here)
7. Choies cut out heeled ankle boots (find here)
8. Asos velvet bag (find here)
9. H&M set of bracelets (find here)

I’m happy, healthy & whealthy (uhum). What more could I ask for, right?
Well, let’s say that I’m just a girl. And we are living in a material world, and
a present never really hurt nobody.
So here’s a small list of items that I like.
What’s on your list this year?


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