If you follow my blog you may have noticed that I’m not the sneaker type of girl. Although I tend to wear them more and more, I am more of a boots kinda girl. Ankle boots have been my favorites for years and I wear them in a variety of looks. Lately I found an amazing pair of ankle boots at Sacha which is why I wanted to share a video with three different ways to style these boots.


My three tips when it comes to styling ankle boots:

1. Go for black
Of course, I also have brown and nude ankle boots and even white and burgundy ones. But I would definitely advice everyone to have at least one basic pair of black ankle boots in their wardrobe. I’ve always found that whenever I couldn’t choose what shoes to wear, the black ankle boots are the way to go.

2. Roll up your trousers
Rolling up your trousers will make you look shorter, which of course is always a disadvantage. However, I always do this when I am wearing ankle boots for two simple reasons: 1. it’s trendy, and 2. tucking your trousers in to ankle boots can look messy cause most of the time ankle boots will not completely cover your hem. In this video it’s different cause I am wearing cut off hem.

3. Play with socks
Since ankle boots are low, you can play with socks if necessary. For example I could have worn mesh socks in these cut out boots (too bad I don’t own a pair) or you could try lace socks and knee socks. I think that’s a fun way to give your boots a totally different look.


How do you wear your ankle boots?



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More information about this outfit in my youtube description

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