To write this post I had to dig deep into my memory on how I started my blog myself. And even then, I must say that I have learnt most things about blogging after months or even years. So, to help you guys out & about, I thought I’d list some important things you need to take care of when you start blogging.

You may have read my previous “Blog tips” post which was all about reasons to start or reasons not to start a blog (here). By writing this section, I am trying to chronologically tell you a bit more about blogging and maybe even teach you a bit.

So after knowing why you want to start a blog, the question ofcourse is where to start? The following things are first to pop up & sort out…

1. Content
Just one simple question: What do you want to write about? Fashion, Beauty, your grandma. It’s all possible, but try to pick at least one and make sure that eventually, your readers know what they will be able to find on your blog. Should they turn to you for outfits only, or do you also bake the best cupcakes? More about finding your niche, soon.
2. Come up with a name
Finding a blog name may be the most important, yet the most difficult job. You want your name to be catchy, but comprehensive. It should fit you and your personality and at the same time you want your readers to be able to identify themselves with it. In some cases it’s fine to just pick your own name or part of your names. But you may want to stand out with a name that is innovative and creative. In this crowded blogosphere that’s kinda harsh, but not impossible. More tips on how to come up with a name will come soon, if that’s something you guys wanna know more about!
3. Platform (WordPress/Blogger)
What platform will you use to put your blog on? WordPress or Blogger? If you are in doubt, my advice would be WordPress. I have used Blogger for over three years, and I am so so happy to have made the move to WordPress, cause it gives me way more options; plug-ins and stuff. And, most importantly, it’s more beautiful, even the back end. Make sure you weigh the pros & cons of Blogger vs WordPress before you make a choice.
4. Choose domain & hosting
If you are new to the game, let me give you a quick update on these terms that seemed abra ca dabra to me when I started. The domain name is simply the name you give to your blog, in my example Hosting service is provided by the organization that offers your webspace. If you are taking this serious, a self-hosted blog on your own domain would be the way to go! I would suggest to get a domain and hosting from the same place. I am using and I am very happy so far.
5. Theme & Lay Out
WordPress offers some free themes which are already very beautiful to begin with. This link may help you get to know WordPress a little better. But if you want some of the more outstanding themes and are willing to pay for it, I suggest you check out On this website you will find themes within a price range of 20 to 100 dollar that sometimes can be customized even further. My blog lay out was invented by me and designed by Frank van Boheemen. I would definitely suggest contacting him (here) if you want your blog to be fabulous.

I hope these tips will help you start up. Please let me know what other blog tips would be useful… good luck!

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