Fun, fashion, friends. These are words to live by and with, if you’d ask me. So to put all together in one post I shot this outfit with the one friend I will always keep dearest and nearest: myself. Haha…








Fun, fashion and friends are also commonly used words to describe CoolCat’s collections of which I am wearing an outfit in this post. This outfit is part of the “We run the streets” collection, which focuses on jogging jeans in a dynamic, sporty but fashionable setting.

I, for one, have been a big fan of jeans ever since I was a little girl. You may not believe it, but back in the days I was actually kind of a tomboy: climbing trees and jumping on and off all kinds of obstacles. Now, I have to admit that that kid still hasn’t really died and I think it never will. To be quite honest, I hope it never will! So I am kind of excited about this collection that offers pants that look like jeans but feel like joggings and thus make all of my crazy moves comfortable and allowable.

The collection doesn’t only provide jeans, but also (leather) leggings and jersey skirts like the one I am wearing here. I love how it looks sporty, yet dressy, which makes it very wearable on a daily basis: perfect look to go to the super market or a stroll down te park. Right?

The outfit was supposed to be all black, but I also wanted to show you what this would look like with a colorful floral printed bomber. Hence, the two different jackets. Let me know which is your favourite. Black and booming? Or flowery and fun?

Since I understand that you guys must be very curious about the jogging jeans and this collection, I am happy to announce that I can give away a voucher worth 50EURO for you to spend at CoolCat. Participating is easy and fun: just follow @coolcat_official on instagram, and let me know that you’re in it to win it by commenting on this post. This giveaway is Dutch only and the winner will be chosen randomly, on February, 25th. Good luck!

More information about this collection can be found here, and make sure you check out the video; it totally got me in the mood to get active!


Wearing: CoolCat top* / CoolCat floral bomber* / CoolCat black bomber* / CoolCat skirt* / Vagabond shoes*
All items with * were gifted to me
Photos by Kevin Geurts (

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