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YASSS! Holland is reaching 20 degrees. And I can only say that I am very very happy with it. I mean, it’s that time for flowers and ice creams again. How could I not be happy? So today I’ve selected some cool inspiration photos that totally have that rough, summer, festival mood. After all, Coachella starts tomorrow and I can only wish that I will be attending that one day!

Photos in this post aren’t the usual, all bright pink and white typical summer shots. It’s more the dusty pink, pale taupe, some green and black and white that cover these photos. I just wanted to go for a cooler, tough collage here. And how could I do that better than with Rihanna right in the middle of it? “Bitch betta have my money” is blasting through my speakers at this very moment and I totally love the rebellious lyrics.

It’s funny how I always find myself playing with contrasts when new seasons are coming. During fall for example, I was into black leather on the one hand and white knitwear on the on the other. This summer may be all about pastel chiffon and army green textured cotton?

Whatever I’ll be wearing, it will be romantic and rebellious. I hope this collage gives you an impression of that and maybe I’ve inspired you with it as well. So, ready to werrrk it this season? Or is your winter nap not over yet?


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