Marble de luxe


Don’t you agree that anything covered in marble gets that luxurious look instantly? From phone covers to walls and from walls to clothing. So whenever I see a marble item I feel like I have to touch it and when I see a marble wall, I want to shoot outfits in fron of it… So that’s that I did here…







To match this beautiful marble indoor hall, I wore my white knitted turtle neck dress and black over the knee boots. I furthermore chose to cover up with a black coat as a cape and added some accessories to finish the look.

I must say that I had a lot of fun shooting this look together with Mohamed and Christian. You wouldn’t believe that this hall is actually the entrance to a gym. So just imagine me standing there, posing in this kinda over the top look, while guys, hot and sweaty or fresh from the shower walk by all the time. Then imagine two gay guys making fun of each other and mocking everything around us. Not that’s what I call a lovely day.

A great disadvantage of shooting looks like this in an indoor marble environment, is that the colors need a lot of adjustments afterwards. On my computer the photos turned out yellowish, making the marble walls look dirty, detracting all grace from the walls. Lucky me I was able to alter the photos in photoshop and this is the result.

I am very curious about your thoughts!


Wearing: Jaylee dress / H&M coat / Duo over-the-knee boots / ZeroUV sunnies / AnaMar clutch / Li Jewels ring
Photo by Mohamed Dahman (His & Hers)

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