A touch of tumblr


Spring is in the air. And I am starting to feel rebellious again. I don’t know what it is about the sun and the flowers that makes me feel like a sassy little kid that wants to scream, yell, laugh hard and then jump on a car. Or something…

So I have collected some vewy vewwwy beautiful photos on tumblr again. Bare skin covered in furs, sunnies and shadows, sunburn and plain bikinis. It’s all I want to think about right now, cause it makes me fantasize about endless summers.

To be quite honest I have already been shooting some summery skirts and shirts without coats for the next outfit posts. I am really anticipating on that spring summer vibe. White and other light colors, from pink to lila and light blue are perfect to get in the mood, don’t you think?

These tumblr pics inspire me to be creative as well. Take a look at how shadows are here being used as part of the photo in stead of a hurdle. Check out my tumblr page for more photos.


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