It’s so hard when sometimes people don’t seem to understand why I have chosen to stop working as a psychologist and instead chose a carreer in the fashion industry. “Oh, that’s quite a switch,” is what they say looking at me either with disbelieve (did this girl really even study psychology?) or incomprehension (why would you give up on a good job like that?!)…







To all of those who don’t understand my career switch: I don’t know if I can make you understand, because obviously we are not on the same page. But maybe some of the following will bring you just a little bit closer to my perspective.

I studied psychology, just like another – what? – 80 percent of the university population. And I must say that it was a very interesting study. I also loved the job and without bragging, I would want to point out that I think that I was a very very good psychologist. However, when I grew older and I experienced some life changing moments, I realized that life is too short to do what you are expected to do. Life is too short to blindly practice what you have studied for if it’s not where you want to be. And listening to other people’s problems at the age of 21 was not what I wanted to do. Cause, no offense, I had realized that I wanted to enjoy life. This doesn’t mean that I neglect or deny problems or negativity. Also does it not mean that I don’t care about people’s feelings, yet moreover I care about my own feelings as well.

Fashion is one of my biggest passions and as soon as I launched From hats to heels, it felt like I had given birth to a baby. And what do moms do with their babies? They nurture it and feed it with the power only moms have. My blog really is, and always has been something that I built up from the ground. I started with nothing, and everything that came out of my blog is something that I had accomplished. Not my teacher, not my boss, not my parents. Just me and my passion! That feeling of proud and thankfulness is something no study, no job could ever bring about.

So being able to work with my favorite brands (Missguided, River Island and now Wildfox) is like a dream coming true. And there for I also have to thank you, my readers. Your comments motivate me every single day and by writing this post, I hope I may have inspired you in something else than fashion.


Wearing: Wildfox sweater* / Mostwanted leather pants* / ByVAR coat* / Sacha shoes* / Wildfox sunnies*
All items with * were gifted to me

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