Happy New Year, guys! I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that you are looking forward to 2017. I must say that it feels unreal to me that we are already in 2017. But I feel like I am ready for a new year. I have set goals straight and in this post I will write down my new year’s resolutions. Curious about your thoughts.

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Every year I write down my new year’s resolutions on my blog for two reasons: 1. to inspire you. 2. to remind myself. Also, I feel like when I write it down it becomes more clear to me and it will be easier to remember.

So here they are, my new year’s resolutions. Some being goals more than things that I have control over.

1. Find a new home
Ok. This one is on top of my list and that’s kinda weird, cause unfortunately I do not really control finding a new home. Especially, since there are only little apartments in Amsterdam for so many people. It’s super hard to find something affordable in the category I am looking for. But, I am writing it down cause it is my number one goal. The reason that I am looking for a new home is because my current one has gotten too small for me. I live on 30m2 which could be perfect for a normal human being, but I kinda made it into a big wardrobe with a huge bed in it. Sounds cozy? No, the word you are looking for is messy. And I can no longer live in it. Especially since I work from home I feel like I really need more space for my creativity.

2. Live healthy
This one was on my list last year as well. Back then I focused on working out. And how am I proud to say that I kept my resolution! Nowadays I work out 3-4x a week, which averagely comes down to one time more than I had planned. But there are more ways in which one can be healthy. I already eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, so that’s fine too. But the things I should focus on now are getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. I recently had the hydration of my skin checked at Kiehl’s and it said 32,4% where it would be between 40% and 60%. Also, I tend to go to sleep at 1am, which is way too late cause then I start late in the morning and will have to work until 9pm to get my to-do list done. No. This has got to change!

3. Grow my engagement
At the moment I almost reach 100K followers on instagram, which is absolutely amazing. But somehow, it does not feel amazing to me. The reason for this is simple: although my followers number has been growing over the past year, my likes barely did. I feel like that’s a pity. I am not gonna lose sleep over followers or likes, but I think that the new algorithm of Instagram really messed up my game. Being an “online influencer” is my fulltime job and I invest a lot of time and creativity in it, but lately I feel like I have not been getting the reach that I deserve and that I have worked hard for (statistics of Instagram show me this). I hope to grow this, whether it is by making more video content or anything else.

4. More video content
They say that videos will be the new thing. I am not so sure about that, but I am sure that I wanna make more videos. I have started a Dutch channel for my vlogs and on my English channel I am sharing videos about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I really hope you guys will love the change cause I will also be placing more videos on my blog.

5. Travel as often as possible
This one was also on my list last year. I would like to make at least 2 big trips this year and a lot of small trips too. There’s so much I wanna see in this world and I feel like these are really my years to explore the world as I am still young and enjoying my freedom. Also I love to share my travels with you and it gives me amazing photography opportunities.

6. More depth in friendships and relations
I would love to see my friends more often. I hope that when I have my new home I will be able to invite friends and family over more often for drinks and diner. We only live once, so I think we should spend the time we have with loved ones and who knows… the one?

7. Spend money wisely
I have a few splurge moments coming up. One is an investment I am making in myself, which I will soon tell you more about. The other is all about my home. And then, maybe, if there is money I would finally like to buy my first Chanel bag this year. Besides, I should save some money for trips and unexpected costs. Nah, who am I kidding? I never really save haha.

Happy New Year!

I hope to keep my resolutions. At least, I can say that I am already super happy and proud about where I am today and I really look forward to the upcoming year as I think that these resolutions are super motivating. What do you think of it? And what are your resolutions?




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