Lucky Dutchie that I am, I don’t need to fly anywhere to go to the beach. Instead, I take a bus or train that brings me to the beach within 40 minutes. Even better is it to stay over there and wake up to the sound of the waving sea. So how excited was I to sleep over at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, which is situated on the beachside. Let me tell you everything about our time overthere…





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A lot of pictures, I know, but this hotel simply has a lot of beautiful sides to it and I just couldn’t keep myself from making pictures. But Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin is not only beautiful. In Holland, Huis ter Duin is known as the hotel in which the Dutch soccer team sleeps when they are in town for a match. So you can tell that their services must be great. Let me take you through my experience….


Location: 9
Let’s be honest, in Holland, the beach is one of the most beautiful sites you can find. Although it is not warm (let alone it was October when I was there), it’s just wonderful to wake up with a view like this. We slept on the 10th floor and man that was breathtaking. Noordwijk is a cute little place, where there isn’t much to do, but you don’t really need anything else when you stay at Huis ter Duin. This hotel, by the way, is approximately 40 minutes away from Amsterdam by car and a little more by public transport.
Room: 8
We had a lovely room with a great view. I like the fact that it has a balcony and bath (yeay). It also has enough space and all facilities one could need, from wifi to a TV.
Ambiance: 8
The hotel is kinda big and has an overall dark wooden interior, which makes it look luxurious and bold. The interior, in fact, had me thinking of a classic cruise ship. I really like it, but this may not be what you look for if you want some cozy, romantic place.
Food & drinks: 8
We only had breakfast at the hotel and it was very nice. They served croissants, muffins, eggs, fresh fruit, yoghurt and all kinds of bread. It was very well organized, which I can really appreciate in the morning.
Service: 7,5
The service of Huis ter Duin is quick and efficient when it comes to emailing and their real life services are good as well.
Facilities: 8
Huis ter Duin is huge and offers a lot of necessities, from a spa and fitness center to of course some conference rooms and even a babysitter for kids. Gosh, how I regret not having the time to check out the swimming pool, but I must say it looks good from the pictures!
Recommendation rate: 8
If you are looking for a place to stay near the beach, then Huis ter Duin is great because it offers so much more than just a room. Obviously, it’s also a nice place to stay when the weather is not that good. I would love to go back in the summer!



Koningin Astrid Boulevard 5
Postbus 85
2200 AB Noordwijk aan Zee
The Netherlands

More information about the hotel can be found here
Photos by Reinder

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