Vice versa

Wearing: Mostwanted jacket/cardigan (find here), Vintage top, Just Female jeans, Steve Madden heels (similar here), Nelly necklace

What about cardigans that seem jackets and jackets that seem cardigans?
How to wear them? Outdoors or indoors? Open or zipped?
I’d say that these questions are in fact at the same time the answers, cause you
could really wear it both ways, depending on occasion and wheather.
I would, for example, love to wear this as a jacket during the summer, but
for now it’s just a cool cardigan for events indoors.
It’s compareable to blazers, I think.
So yeah, I am very happy with this one that I found at Mostwantednl.nl.
I think it will be just as fashionable as it is functionable.
Here I chose an overall black ensemble, with a pied de poule printed top
and burgundy bag just to make the difference. Let me know what you think!


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