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Together with these beautiful babes Farah & Wendy I am part of the Vero Moda Get inside access project, for which we flew to Aarhus, Denmark a few weeks ago. There we had a photoshoot and a video shoot at Vero Moda HQ. Read all about it here…













When we arrived at Aarhus, we were picked up from the airport and went straight to Vero Moda HQ. It was an early morning call and we were promised a very busy day. First on our schedule were two photoshoots. One of which you see the end result in the first photo of this post. This was supposed to be a fun shoot with the three of us just showing our bubbly personalities, of course wearing Vero Moda styles we picked ourselves. It’s so funny how all of us agreed that this should be the final photo.

In the second photoshoot we were wearing more beige and black and the vibe was a bit more elegant, including pursed lips, smizing (Tyra for smiling with eyes) and vogue hands and necks. Again, we all agreed on the winning photo. Unfortunately, I cannot show you the picture yet!

After shooting the looks, we had a videoshoot. Wendy chose not to participate in this, so it was just me and Farah talking about our favorite styles of this season. You can check out the full shop haul below! I think it was kinda fun to do a haul with someone else in stead of standing in front of my camera all by myself talking about my stuff. And I am happy that Vero Moda was very glad with the end result.

The video recordings went very fast. It was a wrap in just two takes (one extra to make sure that editing would be easily done). Then we went to our hotel where we had some girl time and after that we had diner in a cute French restaurant with the Vero Moda girls.

The day after we went to Vero Moda HQ again where we wrote our style note, which can be found here. And we had the time to think of the hotspots for our “Blogger’s guide through Amsterdam” article we were to write for Vero Moda, which you can find here.

So yeah, a lot of hard work and a lot of fun, which made this again a very nice trip on which I will be looking back with a big smile. Let me know what you think of the photos and the video. Any styles you fell for this season? Curious about your thoughts!

Photos by me and the team
Video by Vero Moda
All items for the shoot were sponsored by Vero Moda

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