People always seem to ask me “Do you have any new trips planned?” even when I just got back from a lovely place, this always seems to be a subject. And you know what… most of the time I do have something new planned. I love flying around the world every time of the year as so many places aren’t just summer destinations. Especially sunny locations outside of Europe, where winter isn’t really winter and where the beach is always an option are on my “to-fly-to” list 365 days a year. Tel Aviv has become one of those places. I was there in September and realized that it is the perfect getaway for summer, autumn, winter and spring. And I just love how easy it is to get there within a few hours with easyJet. So… what to do in Tel Aviv? I’ll tell you in this article…

When Carmen and I decided to go to Tel Aviv we had no idea what to expect. Sun. Yes. But what else is there? Should we be worried and cautious? We asked around, but everyone seemed to be so positive that we no longer felt anxious about Tel Aviv and booked it. And wow, it was such a lovely experience. Here are some of the things we did and would absolutely recommend when visiting Tel Aviv.

1. Explore the cute neighborhood Neve Tzedek
Neve Tzedek is one of the oldest districts of Tel Aviv but has become increasingly fashionable in recent years. The buildings are all individual and the Neve Tzedek area is the best place to stroll around, shop and have some drinks and typical Israeli food.

2. Chill and get your tan on at one of the beautiful Tel Aviv beaches
One of the best things about Tel Aviv is that the beach is just one step away from the city. I really love the combination of the city and the beach. That is why Tel Aviv is the perfect holiday destination for me. The beaches are really pretty and the water is super nice. Plus there are a lot of beachclubs at the beach where you can have a beer or a cocktail.

3. Visit the old city, Jaffa
Jaffa is the ancient port city out of which Tel Aviv has grown. Jaffa is still very authentic with it’s narrow streets and old buildings. Besides that, the Jaffa flea market is also a well-known attraction in the area. On the flea market, you can find a diverse range of interesting and unique products. Hello souvenires! I really love Jaffaas it gave me an impression of what old Israel looked like. The whole area is super beautiful and it is the perfect place for the ultimate holiday pictures!

4. Carmel Market
Wanna get a taste of the professional Jewish negotiation skills? Eat your heart out at the shuk. The Shuk Hacarmel is the largest market or shuk in Tel Aviv. It is a vibrant marketplace where you can find anything from clothing to spices and fruits to electronics. Visiting the Carmel market is a fascinating thing to do. The hustle and bustle, vibrant noises, colors, and smell make this largest market of the middle east a super cool thing to do when you are in Tel Aviv.

5. Go on a Pubcrawl and explore the nightlife of Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is known as one of the best nightlife destinations in Europe. It is incredibly diverse and open minded with mega clubs which attract top DJs from around to world to smaller neighborhood hipster bars, underground bars, and beach bars. We chose to do a pub crawl to explore Tel Aviv’s nightlife and to see some different bars in the area. As the party scene is so big it is definitely an awesome thing to explore when you are in Tel Aviv.


6. Eat the most delicious and fresh hummus
Whereas we mostly stop hummus with avocado between a whole-grain sandwich, hummus is a self-contained dish in Tel Aviv. You eat hummus in Tel Aviv in a specialized hummus restaurant. Jews and Arabs are in complete agreement: the best place is Abu Hassan, a tiny place with simple wooden tables where everyone sits down. The hummus arrives in bowls with just a dash of olive oil and some chopped parsley on top. There is no cutlery, you sweep the thick sauce with pieces of pita and it is delicious!!!

7. Go on a tour and explore the beautiful places Israel has to offer outside Tel Aviv
Next to all these awesome things that you can do in Tel Aviv, there are also a lot of awesome things to do outside/near to Tel Aviv. When you are in Tel Aviv for longer than a weekend I can recommend going on a tour outside the city. Think of Caesarea National Park and the Dead Sea and do not miss the beautiful old town of Jerusalem. One should definitely book a tour guide there to tell you more about the different districts of the city and give you an idea of ancient times, the variety of cultures and historical info about this special city.

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