In case you had not noticed yet: I la la la love traveling and I love to share my pictures with you guys. Whether it’s outfits or beautiful backdrops. But what I like even more are the (fairy)tales behind the places I visit. Let me tell you about one of Seville…

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Seville has lots of beautiful backdrops and Lily and I didn’t have to go far to find the wonderful places cause basically every corner and every street had a cute picturesque vibe which was totally worth photographing.

But if you’ve seen my vlog, you may also have noticed that Seville is full of historical places, some religion related, some more cultural. And there are so many beautiful stories behind cities like Seville. (Now I am starting to wonder about the stories behind my own city Amsterdam… Somehow we seem to forget those!)

But a funny one of Seville is this wonderful painting you’ll find on a church in Seville, which is kinda funny cause it’s said that if you don’t see the bird in the painting, you will not get married. Haha. I know, that’s a nice challenge. And I can tell, it was not easy! The scene can be watched in my vlog here for anyone who’s curious whether or not I am going to get married according to the saying. I can at least assure you that Lily, my blogger friend who was there as well, did find it in a heartbeat!

But besides that, Seville also has a lot of other different places that are wonderful, which can all be seen in my video. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures of everything. But I may wanna go back to Seville some day, cause I really miss it already!

Right now I am getting ready for another trip: China and Japan it is. So excited! Cannot wait to explore Asia and take you guys along by vlog hihi…




Wearing: Missguided top / Missguided flare pants / Missguided shoes / Triwa watch / Forever 21 bracelet / Boohoo sunglasses

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