Tidy tying

Wearing: H&M top, River Island jeand, Brother’s blouse, Deezee heels, Vintage bag, Topshop earrings

You know that feeling when you look into the mirror and notice there’s something
missing in your outfit, but you just can’t find what it is?
Well, I had that a few days ago. In the end I came to the conclusion that I missed
just a little bit of colour. However, I did not want to wear a cardigan or change my top.
So I added a blouse, but in a slightly different way than you would expect. I tied it
around my hips and done was the outfit. In this way, I added colour, and moreover, gave my outfit an edgy touch.
The blouse used to be my brother’s who is passed away. And it may sound strange, but sometimes
it feels good to wear his clothes; almost feels like having him around.
And wearing boy’s clothes can really spice up an outfit.
What do you think of it?

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