And I’m like…

Wearing: H&M pants, own design T-shirt (buy it here), Lookbookstore/Primark bracelet, Primark heels (similar here), VJ-Style bag

Finally I’m revealing the second T-shirt I made myself. In fact, I just thought up a text
and ordered it on a T-shirt online via Pixum.
It didn’t take me long to think of the text. I wanted it to contain both a rebellish
and a fashionable meaning. With all do respect to the highest pieces of paper in the world, I knew
that it had to be “What the vogue?!” The most gracious way to show your amazement, if I may say.
It’s not something I’ve heard before, it’s just that me and a friend of mine kept saying it
during a vacation, how inspiring. Over night I decided I should sell this T-shirt, you can now buy it via fromhatstoheels.spreadshirt.nl !
Curious about your opinions!

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