This month’s love goes out to…

Exposed midriffs!
Here, I am not just talking about a cropped top. NO. I am talking
about bikini sized tops, covering just that.
And how am I in love with this trend!
I remember being a little girl (aged 6 or something) when this trend was
presented to me for the first time. It was my sister who had me
inspired back then (it must have been Madonna’s influence!).
When we were in Surinam with the family I wore those belly-showing tops
also. Don’t ask me why my mom would even let me get out of the house that way.
I guess it must have been verrry hot outside. I can still hear the other children shouting
at me “Model! Model!” Yeah, I guess that exposed midriff gave me an instant
celeb look. So who am I to not try it again at the age of 24?!
Got your abs ready for this summer trend? Or do you pass?

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