In her closet

This month we are taking a look into my sister’s closet. Just watch & read how the love
for fashion runs through the family.

About her
Mireille, 32, Empowerment coach
What does fashion mean to you?
For me fashion is a way to express my feelings.
How would you describe your own style?
My style is always influenced by my emotions. I always challenge myself to be as creative as can be;
I barely have any limits. A few weeks ago I was hosting an empowerment workshop, when someone asked me why I was
wearing these extremely high (and inappropriate) heels. Well, because they are f*cking sexy, thats why!
I don’t like to copy other peoples’ styles. Instead, I rather create new things.
In general, my style is sexy, sassy and outstanding. I make you notice me & force you to look twice (lol).
What is your favourite piece in your closet?
I love my bronze accessories for they match my skin tone so well. I wear jewelry in all sizes, particularly
big, bold & striking. Currently, I am madly in love with my colourful embroidered zigzag
heels with red cut out platform.

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