Men’s department

Wearing: Dad’s T-shirt, Just Female jeans, Deezee heels, GMZ collection bag, Missselfridge rings

I have to admit that lately, I’ve found myself shopping in the men’s department quite often. At my work for example, some
men Tees really appeal to me and have me wondering wether or not I would be able to pull it off. I came to
the conclusion that these T-shirts have that edgy touch and therefor bring the best contrast
of rough tough vs feminine elegance to my outfits.
Here, I’ve combined my father’s old T-shirt to my tightest skinny jeans, high heels
and a big shopper which I recently found at GMZ-collection. I think this bag matches the outfit
because it has the same contrast of simple & elegant in it, because of the canvas and the leather straps.
Also great about this bag is the fact that the straps are real leather. Love it!
What do you think of all this? Also into menswear sometimes? Come on up with those confessions.

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