This month’s love goes out to…

Photo via Love aesthetics, shoes from respectively JuJu, JBeans, Topshop

Do you remember them? Swimlessons in primary school, summer days
at the beach with no stress to take off your shoes, cause they actually survive the water.
I know that leather, suede and canvas are reliable, but I think that
plastic shoes can be quite fun too.
Jelly shoes were spotted on loads of celebrities, like Azaelia Banks, Anne Hathaway, Solange Knowles.
What to wear with jelly shoes? Anything from maxi dresses to shorts. It depends
on the look you are going for, but I can assure you that it will look cute & happy anyway.
Personally I don’t have them yet and I still have my doubts on whether it is really my
thing, but I had to share this trend with you cause it’s so summery and it makes me smile.


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