In my closet

Every month I take you through a friend’s closet. But since my wardrobe was showcased on
I love Fashion News this week, I thought it would be nice to share my own closet with you guys.
My father built it for me after I had moved to my studio, which makes me a lucky, spoiled little brat! You can find
more photos here. (Texts are in Dutch).

About me
Larissa, 24, Psychotherapist, Blogger, Stylist, Visual Merchandiser (and what not)
What does fashion mean to me?
For me Fashion is, as Rachel Zoe once described, a way to express who you are
and what you feel without having to speak. I think I fell in love with fashion simply because
I love to be surrounded by, but moreover to create beautiful things.
How would I describe my own style?
My style is ever changing, but normally comes to feminine, sexy, sassy & edgy. I often get
caught between romantic, cute, girly stuff on the one hand and cool, rocker things on the other hand.
Mixing those two together, adjusted to my figure & mood; that makes my outfits.
What’s my favourite piece in my closet?
This is a hard one, so I just name a few. But my newest heels from Deezee come close to
perfection. They are sexy, cool & comfortable. My leather skater skirts (both the black and the peach one)
deserve a shout out too. Plus my mixed media vintage bag; matches every outfit!


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