Taste this

Wearing: 2Dayslook Jack Daniels top, Levi’s shorts, H&M blazer (similar here), Deezee heels, VJ-Style bag,
Casio watch, Photographer’s snapback

Everyone of us get some stupid questions in the club every now and then, right?
When I wore this top to the club, one guy came up to me and seriously asked me WHY I was wearing
it. “Are you a promo girl?” (He meant it). WHAT?! After laughing at him for a while, I told him that
he should pay just a little more attention to fashion, cause almost every girl has
this Jack Daniels top nowadays and it’s really just a musthave; something we like to wear
cause it looks kinda cool, cause we love Jackie D., cause we feel rebellious and stuff.
Taught him that and then made my way back to the dancefloor.

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