More mottos, more life

Wearing: Le Motto T-shirt (find here), Chicnova skater skirt, Chicwish coat (find here), Diesel beanie, Chicwish shoes (find here)

How I fell for these “Le Motto” T-shirts with their striking mottos,
that have you thinking for days. Like this one: More gratitude,
less attitude. I think we could all learn from that.
At Le Motto they believe that words do have power and they state: “The fundamental
purpose behind the Le Motto Collection is to promote positivity. With the
impact of just a few well-chosen words, it can be enormous!”
To promote universal positivity, currently 10% of profits are being
allocated to anti-bullying causes.
And that, my friend, is what I call fashion with a function.
I already got two of those. Cannot wait to show
you the other, and maybe sweep you off of your
feet not just by styling. Cause that’s what words do.
Let me know what you think!

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