Marrakech Outfit nr. 3

Wearing: Asos bikini, Chicnova maxi vest (find here), Zara bracelets, Asos sunnies

Photos by Rik

WHYYY is it that holidays always go so fast?
It makes me wish that I could be on a holiday forever.
Forever traveling, exploring the world, meeting different cultures. Whether
it is to just stroll down the streets of London or to lay
my ass in the sand of Miami beach: I wanna
see all that, do all that, forever.
What do you think? Would one ever get bored of
traveling? Would homesickness be a fact?
I think it wouldn’t be if you choose to travel with
the right person: someone who understands your needs and
loves you right. Okay, now I really wanna go on
a trip to forever land. Haha.
I am, actually, going to travel some more. But somehow
that doesn’t feel like a holiday. I don’t know
why but I’m thinking that backpacking will
also mean a lot of work. More about my
new adventure soon. But first, check this photos
my boyfriend made in Marrakech and tell me what you think!

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