Boyfriend material | Try a tunic

Photos via Tumblr

When I decided to start a men’s fashion topic on my blog, I wanted
to stay away from trends for I wanted this rubric to be all about
a woman’s perspective to guy’s clothes in general.
However, it’s a fact that one year us, women, love to see you in
baggy pants while the next year we want you to wear skinny jeans,
so of course this rubric is always subject to trends.
One thing that I will always stick to however, is that men should
never feel scared to wear something that, at first, seems to be
a woman’s way of clothing. Think of the colour pink, floral prints and clutches.
That being said, there’s this other trend at the moment that I just
wanted to point out: tunics. Some of you guys may not even
know what I am talking about, so here’s the definite definition of it:
“A loose-fitting garment, sleeved or sleeveless, extending to the knees and worn by
men and women especially in ancient Greece and Rome.”

Yep, you can think of either an oversized, long T-shirt or a dress.
BUT. Don’t you worry! As can be seen from these photos wearing
skinny jeans underneath these “dresses” looks kinda cool and may even
be ghetto-ish if you don’t do it right!
(If you think you will look girly in it, I suggest you grow a beard – and balls.)
It actually seems to be one of Kanye West’s favourite trends.

DO: think in layers. Wear another top or vest on top of the tunic.
Just be creative; believe in Kanyeezus.
DO: choose dark and sober colours. A print may be just a bridge to far.
DON’T: buy a tunic that is too small or too big. There’s a
thin line between sexy and gay-sexy.

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