If you’ve read my previous post, you know by now that I was crazy enough to go on a first date in Lisbon. But guess what, we went to Madrid as well, cause since we had to make a stop in Madrid we figured it would be fun to stay there for one night as well.



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Now I must say that Madrid is kind of a different story when you come from Lisbon. Lisbon is a very cute, romantic and authentic city, the perfect decor for an exciting date. Madrid on the other hand is a big city, with enormous and impressive buildings: a bit more urban, a little less romantic.

As you could have read from my Lisbon post, me and my date had a very good time getting to know each other. We had spent our last night in Lisbon at Bairro Alto and didn’t get a lot of sleep since we had to catch an early flight to Madrid, so I must say we were very tired when we arrived in Madrid. This is the reason why we didn’t really plan on doing anything active. Instead we took a stroll down the streets, for which it was too warm. Lisbon is located along the coast, so there was a lovely summer breeze over there, but in Madrid… aii… the heat made us even more tired.

So after a late lunch we went to the palace to take some pictures and then headed back to our Air BnB to chill out before going to diner. We had asked around for good restaurants and ended up in the oldest restaurant of the world located just behind the Plaza Mayor. It’s called Botin. I will just be honest with you: it was cool to be there and the food tasted ok, but it didn’t match my expectations. Especially, being a fashion blogger, I want my food to not only taste good; it should look good as well. And this just … wasn’t pretty.

So Madrid. Great city! But I prefer Lisbon for it’s picturesque streets. Oh and the end of our first date? Still very much fun! Up until now I kept writing “He” and “Him”, but that turned into “my boyfriend” and “Reinder”, haha. Who knows if maybe I will introduce him in photos to you some time soon…

For now, consider going to Lisbon, consider going out on dates. But listen to your mom when she says you may not associate with strange men, cause you know, you might end up in love, on the other side of the world…



Photos by me & Reinder

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