Lions, tigers and bears

Wearing: Vila jacket, Mies & Loon vest (more here), H&M top, Seven Jeans, Mostwanted shoes (find here),
Hakuna Matata necklace (find here), Like It bracelet (find here), River Blue ring (find here)

Last time I’m revealing more flesh than necessary. But although my crop top is revealing
my belly and my ripped jeans are showing off leg here and there, I think this is still a good
fall look if only it was for the (non-)colour: black.
Now I think that this look is really made complete with the accessories. The bright
spiked necklace, the black bracelets and the tiger ring. I would say
it’s all in the details. Oh, and let’s not forget about these new biker boots
of mine. I’ve been looking for a pair like these since summer and I am so happy to have
found these cool ones with lace up & around.
What do you think of it?


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