Last days at Vogue Academy

Wearing: Customized top, AreYouFashion skirt (more here), Deezee heels, Primark Clutch, La Moda UK necklace

Photos by Lilly

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!
After three years of hard working, yesterday was my last day at the academy.
I had already passed my marketing exam, but yesterday I presented my final project for
Media styling Interiors. It’s actually funny, cause I wasn’t nervous at all. I think
I was simply ready for it. I must say that I couldn’t wait for my study
to be over, since I was so busy with other things, among which my blog of course.
Since I didn’t receive a call from school yesterday evening, I already know that I’ve passed.
Sunday’s graduation day. I might be nervous
for that part. Dress up, high heels, and the real deal: Vogue Academy
handing out that gorgeous piece of paper to me!
From then on, I can call myself an allround stylist. And let’s not
forget that I am also a Psychologist already. Sigh, everyone keeps asking
what I’ll do after all this, but I don’t know yet and as you
may recall from my previous “A touch of tumblr” post,
I prefer a private getaway before my adult job starts, haha.

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