In her closet…

This month we are taking a peek in Nio’s closet. As Nayokani, who was featured in January, Nio
used to be my roommate. Yup, we had kind of a fashionable home. Take a look!

About her
Nio, 24, Student
What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is not only in clothes and accessories, its in everything. And by your style you set a mark on
who you are. I dress the way I feel. I wear whatever I feel comfortable in and further it
depends on what the weather is like ofcourse.
How would you describe your own style?
I don’t really know one particular word to describe my style. I wear from classic looks to
girly and sexy, to tough. I like to combine basic pieces with striking ones, and to combine vintage with new.
What is your favourite piece in your closet?
It’s hard to pick only one favourite piece, because I have several things I really love. But if I had to
name only one, it would have to be my Gianmarco Lorenzi black suede boots/heels. They cost alot, but
it was all worth it, because they match with almost every outfit and don’t cause me any pain in my feet.

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