If only I could have a Zebra

Wearing: Loavies top (find here), Wrangler shorts, La Moda necklace (find here), Loavies shoes (find here), La Moda bag (find here)

Can you believe that this top is actually the first zebra print that’s been entering
my wardrobe since years! I don’t understand, cause although I’m not a big fan
of every leopard print, I think that the zebra print is al-ways chique.
Now, this outfit came together pretty quickly.
Besides the zebra top, I had these new shoes (for which an OMG would be appropriate, cause
aren’t they gorgeous?!), and this new necklace (also an UMPFH).
I laid them down on my bed altogether, and it looked amazingly good!
Some say that you shouldn’t wear more than 1 eye-catcher in one outfit, but
I disregard that for my own good.
Let me know what you think!

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