Ichi ici

Wearing: Ichi coat via Van Tilburg Online (find here), H&M top, Seven jeans, Invito shoes, Primark clutch

The nr. one reason why I love the transition to fall, is the fact that it
gives me an excuse to look for a warm coat. And I happen to love
coats like this. Like I said in my post about menswear this month, wool
is the keyword for fall/winter, this year and maybe even every year.
The coat that I am wearing here, is very minimalistic.
It’s easy to style and the fit is just perfect cocoon-like.
I also love that it features an asymmetrical zipper.
I chose to wear it with a further all black outfit to stay in
the minimal vibe. I even chose to shoot against a plain background.
After the floral prints and bright colors of the summer,
this is my warm welcome to darker sophisticated outfits.
I found this coat at Van Tilburg Online which is a Dutch webshop,
known for selling various high quality brands, free and fast shipping!
Two other things I’m happy to announce: 1. You get 5euro discount when signing op
for the newsletter and 2. you have the chance of winning a 1 minute free shopping spree (here).
Let me know what you think!

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