Now that I am back in Amsterdam everyone seems surprised when they walk into me: “Are you in The Netherlands again?!” Since I have been on a lot of trips the past few weeks it seems to be weird when I am in my own hometown all of a sudden, but I must admit that I like the way that things are going. Traveling this much gives me the opportunity to inspire you guys in one of my fav categories, especially hotel reviews. Over the past few months holiday houses and apartments have become more and more requested over hotels. We all know the concept of Air Bnb, but did you guys know about Interhome already? May I fill you in on all the details please…

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When I go on a trip for work or fun, there are a few important criteria I look at when looking for a place to stay. One of them is the hotel or apartment on itself: is it spacious, does it have a nice bedroom, maybe a swimming pool; I normally judge on photos. Another key factor would be the location: is it near the places I need to go to, mostly the centre of the city? And last but not least, what is the price – that is, if I am paying, not to be braggy.

I think you can all find yourselfs in these criteria. But after traveling so much I would like to add one other important criterium: does it feature all I need and does it feel like a real all inclusive home? I’ve come to the conclusion that the latter is mostly found when hiring a full apartment. Unfortunately, you won’t have your own kitchen, a spare bedroom or an entire living room in most regular hotels. So instead of looking for a hotel, I tend to look for apartments more and more. That’s why I am super happy to work with Interhome, as they provide a wide range of holiday homes in more than 200 destinations worldwide. Booking is easy and the possibilities are numerous. You can find yourself in a typical Parisian flat including cute balcony somewhere in the middle of Le Marais, you can go for a mountain chalet in the alpes or a villa with swimming pool somewhere tropical. And what I love most about it, is that all of the houses are quality tested.

For my first Interhome experience I went to Milan with a friend. Mean and I were there for fashion week, but I will just go ahead and admit that I was super happy that we hadn’t many shows and presentations planned which is why every evening we were exhausted, but happily, enjoying our wonderful couch and the spacious apartment in a lovely part of Milan. It’s so nice to get back from the fashion week buzz and escape from the big bubbly city in a cozy apartment like this where we have everything at hand. Mean and I even cooked ourselves dinner some nights. Sigh. I already miss it as it is bigger than my own apartment haha.

Now, normally I would put all hotel reviews on scale and base my ratings on the services of a hotel, but as this post is more about the overall services of Interhome and this will not be the last time I took a stay via interhome, I will not dig into criteria such as location, room, food & drinks etc as these will all differ per booking. For overall service I will give a straight 9, as I think that everything was handled very well. Our key was brought to us as soon as we got to the location, the key holder helped us everywhere he could and the booking through Interhome went totally fine. The recommendation rate will get a 9,5 since I really think that Interhome is one of the best of it’s kind. They stand out with the kind of holiday homes they offer, and it’s not even that pricey.

I will definitely be browsing Interhome more often. How about you?



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