It’s that time of the year that you just wanna stay inside, warm and cozy, cuddling up with your blankets and watch a serie or so. I have noticed that pampering myself in such way goes better when I am far away from my laptop and home, in a hotel for instance. Although I caught myself shopping the next day, I also came to rest in the wonderful Hotel Merici, in Sittard. Let me tell you more about it…











Sittard is a small city far from Amsterdam, say 2 hours by train, in the Southern part of Holland. I don’t go there often, cause ever since I live in Amsterdam I (like all cliché Amsterdammers) seem to think that I will fall off the map if I go outside the borders of my dear Amsterdam. But you’ll be surprised what beautiful cities you find outside Amsterdam. And Sittard is the kind of city that surprised me as well.

This place is so so cozy! And everyone seemed to be amazingly kind. I also found a lot of beautiful spots to photograph my outfit pictures and I must say that the hotel in which we stayed is also very picturesque. It was the perfect place to take out my new Rhumaa kimono for some lifestyle pictures. Let me tell you all about this cute hotel:


Location: 8
Like I was saying, the location is very nice. Sittard is a cute little city and Hotel Merici can be found just around the corner of a big square where you’ll find several places to have a drink or dine. The hotel is 10 to 15 minutes walking from the central station, which I think is just about the max to still have me saying that it’s also located near public transport.
Room: 8
We stayed in one of the superior rooms (which is available for a good price) and I really loved the look of it. Although the bed wasn’t as soft and comfortable as I am used to from hotels, I had a good night of sleep. The room also has a lot of space and there was a great shower. Luckily, I was with my boyfriend cause the doors to the toilet and shower were made of glass, but this is something I’ve seen a lot in hotels recently. I’d give it a 10 for decoration, but it may not always be handy.
Ambiance: 8,5
The overall hotel is very charming. When you step inside the hotel, you will immediately feel at home. Think of atmospheric lightning, a lot of wood and a cute carpet. So cozy with a wonderful interior which I can only love!
Food & drinks: 8
We had dinner at Wine&Dine, which was part of our arrangement at Hotel Merici. The restaurant is part of Hotel Merici but is situated just around the corner of the street and also has a very nice ambiance, with amazing hospitality. Me and my boyfriend always love to be surprised by the cook and so we didn’t choose from the menu, but just had them serving us their plate of the day. We had duck and it was pretty good. Breakfast was on the first floor of the hotel; this was complete as well.
Service: 8
At Hotel Merici you will be in good hands. They know exactly what they are doing: very polite and super kind.
Facilities: 7
Hotel Merici doesn’t offer a lot of extra facilities, but doesn’t need them either. Sittard is really a place to just pull back from the buzz and have a moment for yourself (and partner). Oh, and if you want to go shopping, Designer Outlet Roermond is only a few minutes away by train!
Recommendation rate: 8,5
If you are looking for peace and quiet, this is the place to go! Have some time off in this beautiful hotel for a few days, to then pick up your life again by going shopping at the outlet, taking a stroll to the city or simply hop on the train to one of the other cute little cities nearby. This is the kind of place that doesn’t need much, except you and your fun but rustic little self.

Would you visit Hotel Merici?



Hotel Merici
Oude Markt 25
6131EN, Sittard
The Netherlands

More information can be found here

Wearing: Rhumaa kimono / Missguided outfit / The Sting outfit / Fireflies Amsterdam trolley
Photos by Reinder

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