Most of you guys will agree that a weekend get away is all about fun and relaxing. And I would totally say y-e-s to that! But when me and my blog babe Lily go on a trip we tend to work hard haha. And even though we forget to chill out sometimes, I love get aways like that as well. Cause the harder I work, the less I have to stress about the deadlines I didn’t make which is indirectly relaxing as well right? And in the end, a quiet and serene place can do a lot for you even when you’re working. Let me tell you about our stay…

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For those who do not follow me on snapchat yet (find me there: larissabruin) and those who didn’t see it on instagram (@larissabruin) I was in Heidelberg together with my blogger friend Lily a few weeks ago. Heidelberg is this small picturesque town, which is known for famous chocolate cookies and which I now know for it’s cute backdrops which are wonderful to photograph!

Lily and I were there for a hotel review and also  took a few (quite small) strolls through the streets to look around. I’ve noticed that cold places do not make me active, unfortunately. Hot chocolate and fresh mint tea are the best remedy for me in such places, as is a cozy place to stay which is the one were we spend the night: BS Luxury Apartments.


Location: 8
We went to Heidelberg by car, so I do not really have a clue on reachability of this place. I guess we’ve passed a station which wasn’t too far, though (walking distance). And basically I must say that everything was in walking distance from BS Luxury Apartment. Just two blocks away you’ll find the typical streets of Heidelberg, the famous choco cookies and several cute little squares.
Room: 8,5
Our room was wonderful. I mean, this is totally how I would love to see my own home being decorated. I fell in love with the wooden planking, the (O M G, I need this) lamp, and the super fun bath tub. The bed was great, I had two good nights of sleep. The shower was also yum, but too bad that the drench caused a little overflow in the kitchen haha.
Ambiance: 7,5
The BS Luxury Apartments don’t come with a reception or anything, you just walk straight up the stairs to your apartment and that’s that. So ambiance? You create it yourself and the room helps you there!
Food & drinks: 7
No reception also means no restaurant, which is of course logical concerning these are apartments and you can bring your own food from the supermarket. The apartment features a small kitchen where one could make anything lush. Also, may I remind you of the choco cookies just around the corner?
Service: 6,5
I don’t assume this is something that happens often, but the beds were not made when we came in. I think this is because it wasn’t sure if we were to go in the apartment on floor 4 or 5 since we still had the choice. Also, there is not really a reception so what is there to say about service? Lily personally contacted the manager of the apartments; I would not know how things would be arranged when you are a guest.
Facillities: 7
I love that BS Luxury Apartments has a bath and drench and you’ll really have your own place in the centre of Heidelberg. Since it is an apartment there are not much other facilities that could be longed here.
Recommendation rate: 8
I would definitely recommend staying at BS Luxury Apartments. It’s a cozy and luxurious place that will definitely make you feel at home in Germany and it’s the perfect base for any kind of trips you are to make from Heidelberg.

What do you think?



Obere Neckarstrasse 7 Heidelberg
Baden-Württemberg, 69117

More information can be found here
Photos by Lily (

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