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After I’ve been blogging about women’s fashion for a few years now, I am totally
stepping out of my comfort zone and I will be posting at least one menswear post every month.
WHY? The boy thought it would be of a great value to my blog. “Guys wanna
know what to wear too.” UHM… Start your own blog then!? Hmm no, it’s way more
interesting when a woman is telling a man what to wear (that’s what he said).
Now, please understand that I am not the Fashion Bible when it comes to menswear, so I
can only try to inspire and have you updated about trends and my opinion of what I like to see on men.

Let’s start with something we all understand. It’s called: colour!
Please boys, men, dudes, guys. I ask you. Just stick to what works for you.
But know that solid colours are always a good thing. Like, black, white or grey.
Now, boys, you may have seen your girlfriend wearing all black or all
white outfits. So why don’t you just follow her footsteps
and try layering in just one colour as well?
Grey is a perfect colour to try out the “ton-sur-ton” effect (go head, google that!).
If that’s too dairy for you, just go with black instead.
But knowing that most of you guys tend to go to one shop a month, picking 5
items that are within your style (and inside of your tiny little closet already) I feel like
I have to warn you. Sticking to basics is a good principal, but stay away from boredom!
Don’t feel ashamed to check out what’s on the catwalks these days, cause girls
know what’s on the catwalk and we love boys who know what to wear.
The grey matter of Bottega Veneta, John Galliano & Louis Vuitton should really get you excited.
Point of the story is, you cannot go wrong with any of the 50 shades of grey.

DO: mix several grey tones in one outfit
DO: combine grey to white or black
DON’T: think you’re done with just a grey sweater. Spice that up with
a bold watch or other accessories or a very very good pair of (grey) jeans

Good luck boys. Suggestions & questions are welcome!

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