Boyfriend material | Feeling Blue

Remember that one of my first “Boyfriend material” posts was about the color grey?
Yeah, well… It’s not that I changed my mind; grey is still very beautiful and
in a fashionable way it could really do a lot of good during the winter, but
this summer, boys, blue may be even better.
And I’m talking cobalt blue! A-l-l o-v-e-r. An all blue outfit is
like an all white outfit for ladies (and this, means angelic good!)
Darker blues can be matched to lighter ones, like baby blue or pastels to
give an outfit that extra umpfh. But if this is too
cool for you, try white! It’s another lovable trend color this
season and the combination of blue and white literally screams heaven.

DO: wear a cobalt blue suit if you’re the business type of guy. It’s
sophisticated, yet playful and shows that you have a sense of style (read: an opinion).
DO: try different fabrics: scuba, suede, twill. Even Elvis, back in the days, knew that
“blue suede shoes” were not to be stepped on.
DON’T: think that blue means denim blue only, that’s too save. Bright
colored cotton never really hurt nobody.

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