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Black essentials

Photo 1: Nail lacquer DA, Photo 2: Glasses Ray-Ban, Photo 3: Bag SoNize, Photo 4: Wedges River Island

It’s late at night and I’ve had a very busy day, but still I wanted to do
this blog on some black items that I cannot go without.
Although my boyfriend doesn’t like it, my outfits really need to match black
nails every now and then.
And then there’s my Ray-Ban, which is not only an image creator for me;
without my Ray-Ban (or lenses) my world is blurry.
As you can see on the pictures above my glasses aren’t just black, the brown flames
(somewhat like a leopard) give it an extra touch.
The black bag… Do i need to say more? Every woman has a black bag I guess.
And this is my favourite.
It’s not too big, not too small. It’s not business conform only,
yet it is sophisticated. Just like a bag should be.
And the wedges… Essential for every time I don’t want to wear heels,
but neither want to wear flats, since I could walk and dance on it for days.

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