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Shoe sharing sisters

Wearing: Skirt TFNC, Top Gemma Ricceri, Jacket Vila, Heels Asos (my sister’s), Ring Present i got from my mom

In one of my earlier blogs I wrote about the possibilities of
wearing dresses as tops and jumpsuits as pants,
to create the illusion of a bigger wardrobe.
But there’s a simpler way to increase your wardrobe.
Borrowing ofcourse!
I’m blessed with a fashionable sister who
wears the same shoe size as I do.
And since our motto is “my shoes are your shoes”
this doubles my shoe collection!
In the photos above you see my favourite heels.
Some sweet followers will already have noticed that
I wore those heels in a tan colour in earlier blogs.
True! The tan ones are mine, these black heels are my sister’s.
Although I wouldn’t myself buy a garment in two colours,
I couldn’t resist presenting these to you.
Unfortunately me and my sis don’t have the same dress size, but hey…
In the end it’s the shoe that finishes an outfit.

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